Sample Products / Applications / Systems

The After Affects of a Bomb Blast

The initial impact of a bomb blast accounts for 20% of the injuries sustained by people. Fully 80% of the fatal and near fatal injuries sustained by people results from the flying razor sharp shards of glass, known in the industry as “spalling”. DWS products, applications and systems are designed to minimize the injuries that result from spalling.

Eliminate Glass Fragments

When glass windows break and shatter, razor sharp shards of flying glass can cause death, serious injury and property damage. In fact, flying glass is the leading source of injuries from explosions involving buildings in urban areas. DWS provided Laminated Glass, Glass Clad Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Polycarbonate manufactured windows and other applications and systems will eliminate injuries caused by flying glass shards. By altering thickness and composition such “glass” can be customized to specific threat level requirements and specifications.

Glass Ballistic/Blast Resistant Products

Glass products can be manufactured to meet many customer required Protection Levels. They generally fall into four categories for ballistic levels.

1. Laminated Glass
2. Glass Clad Polycarbonate
3. Acrylic
4. Polycarbonate

Bullet Resistant Doors

Bullet-Resistant door and frame assemblies are pre-hung with Roton Heavy Duty continuous hinges and are available in Protection Levels I-IV. Frames are available in wrap, butt, and split designs and are designed to the same protection level as the doors. Doors are available in steel, aluminum, and wood in a variety of configurations. Wood doors are available in all styles and faced with any type of wood or high pressure laminated plastic veneer.

Bullet / Blast Resistant Windows

Interior and exterior bullet and/or blast resistant windows are manufactured in a number of styles, sizes and configurations. For interior applications where aesthetics are a concern, wood veneer or Corian finishes add to the presentation of the windows. Exterior window units incorporate stainless steel frames with the appropriate “glass” to meet any bullet resistant UL Protection Level and/or any forced entry and detection H.P. White Protection Level that may be required by the client.

Safe Rooms

With reinforced steel plate, bullet-resistant Kevlar and flame retardant walls, our safe rooms provide unsurpassed protection against any potential threat. Separate plumbing units and secure ventilation system provides an extra level of safety. Installed wire and wireless phones, walkie-talkies and closed circuit TV ensure you'll never be out of touch. Whether it's building a dedicated safe room or fortifying an existing room, our ballistics specialists and craftsmen will design, manufacture, install and finish an impenetrable unit that maintains the aesthetics of any home or business.

Vehicle Glass Laminate and Glass Clad Transparency Barriers

Glass laminate and Glass Clad transparency barriers can be shaped to fit OEM specs for windshields and other curved surfaces. Visual product clarity with superior attack and ballistics protection is achieved through advanced manufacturing techniques, mitigating the affects of spalling-the spray of glass fragments into a vehicle at impact. DWS will offer a full line of “low spall” and “no-spall” barriers for many applications and/or systems.

Data Center Safety & Security

DWS and its Partners will evaluate and assess the safety and security needs of existing and/or newly planned Data Centers, and design, develop, manufacture and install appropriate safety and security applications and systems to meet the Protection Level required by the client. The DWS solution will include products to provide bullet and blast resistant protection and mitigate forced entry threats. As may be required by clients, DWS will assess cable plant installed in Data Centers to determine the need to install limited combustible data communication cable to minimize loss in the event of a fire.

Wood Clad Ballistic Systems

Wood Clad ballistic systems are designed to be architecturally pleasing yet secure enough to resist any perceived threat level. To assure that the desired client Protection Level is achieved the design of Wood Clad Ballistic Systems should occur very early into the architectural design phase of construction. With respect to renovation of existing facilities, DWS and its Partners will work the client from the concept phase, to the completed design phase to assure client satisfaction. DWS will then proceed to develop the appropriate system products and install the system.

Guard Booths

Guard booths provided by DWS Partners are built to exceed industry-standard design requirements for structural safety and bullet resistance. The designs of booths provide up to UL Level 8 bullet resistance, which is the highest security level available. The DWS Partners have extensive experience working with bullet-resistant structures and materials, combined with unparalleled installation expertise. The qualifications of the DWS team and their commitment to quality will ensure that client specific applications and systems will meet or exceed client expectations. A wide variety of styles and sizes can be custom fabricated to meet client specific requirements and specifications.

Bandit Barriers

Bandit Barrier systems are custom manufactured to suit any particular application and are available in UL Level 1 utilizing 1 1/4(mm) Acrylic and UL Level 3 utilizing 1 1/4(mm) Polycarbonate. These systems can be designed, developed, manufactured and installed at the client location by DWS and its Partners and/or shipped "Flat Packed" to the client location with all necessary hardware and instructions for client installation.

Bullet Resistant Wall Systems

DWS designs and builds bullet-resistant walls systems for a wide range of situations including government installations, banking facilities, medical institutions, monetary distribution centers and corporate offices requiring data, petty cash or payroll protection. Utilizing only UL-certified ballistic components, which are integrated with wood, aluminum, and stainless steel products, provides DWS with the ability to create and design bullet-resistant, yet architecturally and aesthetically pleasing, wall systems.