Security Tips for Dorm Rooms

Friendship, mutual help, understanding, and respect are the qualities that prevail on the college campus. It is the place, where you get the most significant academic support, relevant speedypaper reviews, up-to-date study materials, not to mention exclusive parties and movie nights. In fact, the dorm is your second home, which should be comfortable, convenient, and safe. However, according to statistics, college students are frequently exposed to theft and stealing. Learn the potential risks and use your chance to choose the most efficient ways to prevent them.

Comply with the Guest Policy in the Dorm

To guarantee maximum security, dorm rooms have a range of building rules for students to follow. Learn your responsibilities and make the campus a safe place.

Keep the Doors and Windows Locked

Dorms are crowded places, but that is not a reason to leave your room open. Talk to your roommate and agree to keep your personal space locked. Such a simple step may help you save hundreds of dollars.

Install a Protective Camera

A security camera is a perfect way to ensure maximum safety and eliminate risks of theft in your room. Keep track of people going in and out of the dorm, irrespective of where you are.

Keep an Inventory of Your Things

Take photos of your valuables and write down their serial numbers. Once you happen to be a victim of the theft, you will have an opportunity to provide campus police with information about the stolen things.

Get Insurance

In unfortunate cases, insurance is the only way to get stolen things replaced fast and efficiently. The homeowner insurance of your parents may cover the dorm room valuables. However, if it doesn’t, you need to obtain an extra one.

Make Friends

When people trust, and appreciate you, they are always there for you. Help and support your roommates and neighbors in order to have friendly relationships. It is the most definite way to ensure the safety of your room and valuables.

Use Door and Window Alarms

Load sound that cannot be mistaken gets activated when your doors or windows are opened. This is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to protect your stuff.

Buy Pepper Spray

Once you enter your room and face intruders, pepper spray is the best way to stay protected. It will grant you several minutes to concentrate and choose the necessary behavior.

Do Not Leave Your Valuables

If you leave the dorm room, make sure your valuables are safely stored in the low-profile places. Do not place expensive items or cash in view of the window or hallway. Thieves always take their chance and steal the things they notice. Hire purses, jewelry, laptops, and other belongings to eliminate temptation.

Do Not Give Anyone Your Keys

Does your friend want to come over and stay for the night? There is no need for you to give him/her a key from your room. Lending it out, you expose your valuables to the increased risk.

Do Not Share Your Schedule

When is the optimal time for stealing valuables? When you are away. Do not post your schedule in the social media, neither broadcast it around.